1849 Disposition of Slaves

The following document certifies the satisfactory division and disposition of property associated with the estate of William H. Robinson, probably a brother of Jacob Robinson (1779-1840) who resided in Marianna, Jackson county, Florida. The property included 36 slaves that were distributed to the children of Jacob Robinson which included Walter Jacob Robinson (b. 1820 and who would later serve as Capt. of Co. E, 2nd Florida Infantry), George W. Robinson (b. 1825), James L. Robinson (1826-1875), and to Hettie Isabelle Robinson (b. 1816). Actually Hettie’s slaves became the property of her husband, Isaac Widgeon (b. 1810) who also served as administrator of the will. Isaac also took ownership of slaves willed to two juveniles.

Normally I would not transcribe this type of document but since it contained the names of the slaves (unfortunately without ages, however), I decided to post this in the hope it might be useful to someone trying to trace their ancestry.


This is to certify that we have received our respective distribution shares of the land, money, notes and amounts perishable and personal estate of William H. Robinson, deceased, and that we have also received our respective portions of the slaves belonging to said estate as follows:

Walter J. Robinson received the following slaves, viz: Minor, Tenar, Kissy, Little Preston, Little Sis, Roberta, Siss, and Alsay.

George W. Robinson received the following slaves, viz: Nanny, Julia, Henry, George, Hotspur, Evans, Brackston, Toney.

James S. Robinson received the following slaves, viz: Daniel, Judy, Rinda, Charles, and Margaret.

Isaac Widgeon in right of his wife received the following slaves, viz: Betty Olivia, Sam, John, and Martha; and as guardian for Ann and Isaac Robinson the following slaves, viz: Dick, Maria, Flors, Ann, James, Aggy, Jane, Stephen, Nick, Billy, and Robert. Given under our hands this 10th day of November A. D. 1849

G. W. Robinson [signature]
Walter J. Robinson [signature]
Jas. L. Robinson [signature]

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