1862: Columbus D. Harrison to his Brother

This letter was written by Columbus D. Harrison (1836-1879) who enlisted as a private in the 1st Confederate Regiment Infantry, 2nd Co. E, on 1 May 1862. He was later transferred to 2nd Co. K. This regiment was originally known as 1st Villepigue’s Independent Battalion and the 36th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, (Villepigue’s). Its designation was later changed to 1st Confederate Regiment Infantry and it was also known as the 1st Confederate Regiment, Georgia Infantry.

Columbus surrendered with his regiment at Greensboro, North Carolina, on 26 April 1865.

Columbus was the son of John J. Harrison (1808-1874) and Saphronia McFarland (1810-1850) of Walker county, Georgia. He was married to Martha J. Cooper (1849-1921) in December 1868 in Catoosa county, Georgia.

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Columbus’s Letter with image of Pvt. James Henry Pascoe of Co. E, 36th Georgia Infantry


Fort Gaines, Alabama
September 15th 1862

Dear brother,

I take the present opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know that I received your letter that you sent by Jones and my but I was very glad to get my box and hear from home and hear that they was all well. My box come safe—all but one bottle of the brandy. The square bottle was broke but did not injure anything that was in the box. I was very glad to get all of my things, in particular the brandy, for it was the first drop that I have seen since I have been on this Island. As for clothing I was not needing any[thing] particular. Jones bought our uniforms already made in Atlanta. I was very glad to get the shirt that Jack sent me. I was offered ten dollars for it. I can’t see where Jack got such a nice one at and I was offered $14 for my shoes. They are the best pair of shoes in camp. I am so much obliged to you all for what you sent to me until you are better paid. I am very well off for socks, for I have got two pair that I fetched from home that I have not wore yet. I am well fixed for bed clothing now. As for provisions, we get a plenty to eat. We have a fine lot of beef cattle here now on the Island and we draw a plenty other provisions. My brandy tastes very well this morning. Jones brought 40 boxes to the Company.

I have nothing new to write to you. I don’t see any more prospect of a fight here than I did when I first come here. We all have fine health here now. Marshal Green sent for a transportation and the Captain sent him one. Tell him to not give it out for I don’t think that he can do any better than to come here. I think that we are a doing the best of any troops in the army, but tell him to use his own pleasure about it. I would like very much for Marshal to come down here. Our regiment is not organized yet. We are a looking for some more companies here before long.

I received three letters from the Cove the other day—one from Jane Collins and one from Matty and one from Jane Strong. Jane Strong wrote me a very nice letter. I think she is a taking on very much about you & said that she wanted me to write to you and tell you to come up oftener. I wish you could see the letters that they wrote to me. Tell Sal that I will write to her before long. I would to her now, but I nothing to write here but what I have just wrote you and there is no use in that. I sent you a letter that I got from Becky. I would like to know whether you got it or not. I want you to write to what you done about my corn. If you think that you will need it you had better not sell it. So do as you please about it. Tell babe that I have some pretty shells that I will send her before long the first chance I get. Tell Jack that I can’t get a present nice enough to send him now, but maybe I will some time. So I must close. Write soon. — C. D. Harrison

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