1864: Cyrus W. Meek to Betsy Jane (Rector) Meek

This letter was written by Cyrus W. Meek (1828-1864) to his wife Elizabeth (“Betsy”) Jane (Rector) Meek (1835-18xx) of Smith Grove, Warren county, Kentucky.

Cyrus was drafted on 19 September 1864 as a private into Co. F, 26th Kentucky (Union) Infantry but he did not survive the war. He died of disease of measles/erysipelas at Paducah on 24 November 1864.

The black outline of the paper edges on the envelope and the decorative artwork on the letter may have been added post-death, marking this as Cyrus’ last letter before his death two weeks later.


[Paducah, Kentucky]
November 6th 1864

I seat myself with pleasure to write you a few lines to let you know I have had the measles very bad but I am getting better. If I don’t take no backset, I will be up in a few days. I have had very good attention paid to me but I would drother had you with me than any body [else].

I can’t write much this time, Betsy Jane. I study a heap about you and the children. I want you all to do well. I know I expect your fare is better than mine but that matters not.

My regiment left this morning to go back to Louisville. I am still in the hospital at Paducah. The name of the place I am in is the Post Hospital. I want you soon as you get this letter to write to me. I haven’t had the scratch of a pen from you yet. I want you to write whether my letters came to hand or not that had some money in. As I have to write lying down, I must close my letter.

Betsey Jane, write to me how all the things is getting along and how Calve & Charley is learning. Direct your letter to Paducah Post Hospital.

C. W. Meek to Betsy Jane and children.

I am not well enough else I would write more.

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