1863: James S. Sickels to Susan M. Sickels

Pvt. James S. Sickels, Co. E, 9th New Jersey

This partial letter was written by Pvt. James S. Sickels (1839-1864) of Co. E, 9th New Jersey Infantry. He enlisted on 20 September 1861, veteranized in January 1864, and was wounded on 7 May 1864 at Port Walthal Junction, Virginia. He died of his wounds on 1 June 1864 at Hampton, Virginia.

James wrote this letter from Carolina City where the 9th New Jersey was stationed from April 25 until June, 1863. 

James was the son of Jacob Sickels (1799-1871) and Elizabeth Foose (1810-1876). He wrote the letter to his sister, Susan M. Sickels (b. 1842). She married John Stout in 1879.


Addressed to Miss Susan M. Sickels, Alamuchy, Warren county, New Jersey
Also signed by John J. Carrell, Chaplain (9th New Jersey)

Newbern, North Carolina Carolina City
May 12, 1863

Dear Sister,

I received yours dated the 3rd of May this morning. I am well at present and I hope these few lines may find you enjoying the same comfort. You say I don’t write but tis a mistake. I send one a week but you can’t or I don’t get them. But it will be alright some day for I don’t think it will be more than two or three months till I will see you all but not long till I will go to the army again so you may look for me in that time if not sooner. Byt that time sure anyhow…

Everything is quiet here just now and I think we will stay here all summer if the rebs don’t get thicker than they are. It is reported that we are going in South Carolina again but it is all stuff for Gen. Foster won’t let us go because he gets in trouble every time we hain’t with him. I have seen enough of the South’s difference parts. I could come home with content. I could not be contented before. This has learnt me a good lesson. I never regretted it on the account of fighting because that don’t larn me. I believe that I am protected by the one above so far and…

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