1862: Lewis Moore to Amanda Moore

I have not been able to learn the identity of this soldier who signed his name Lewis Moore. He mentions two other soldiers in the letter who were probably in the same company but these names didn’t help me much. Based upon the content, my assumption that is that this letter was written in February 1862 from the Federal encampments in northern Virginia defending Washington D. C.


12 February 1862

Dear sister,

Having a little leisure time, I thought I would write a few lines to you to let you know that I am well and in good spirits and I hope these few lines may find you all the same. I have not much to tell you but I thought I would write to you to keep my promise good that I made when I left home. I told you all that I would write whenever I got time and I will do so. It does me good to hear from home for I can’t come home to see you. How I wish I could see you all. It seems to me that it has been an age since I have seen any of you.

[If] this thing was settled, I would be glad to get out of this war. It is enough to kill any mighty man to tramp a lot in this place. The soil is not like I thought is was. It is clay and when it rains it gets like a mortar [ ] or like a brickyard. Stones is not so plenty as they are there. The stumps is thick as the hairs is on a dog’s back. A boy can’t walk without tripping over the stumps.

I must tell you that Bill Davis was over here on Monday and he said that the rest of the boys were well and he sends his best respects to you all. And Lou Romer is here in camp and he sends his respects to you and he has got to go out on picket with us tomorrow. This picket is on our camp ever five days and we can’t say it’s too stormy or rainy to go but we have to go, let it be as it will.

I must tell you that I can’t get home without there is some of you sick and then i must get a telegraph dispatch from the doctor from you to show the general and [there is] no other way I can get home until my three years is up. So you know what to do if any of you get sick, you must telegraph to me and I will get to come home to see you. I thought I would tell you so you could let me know if any of you got sick.

No more at present. From your little brother, Lewis Moore

To his sister Amanda Moore. write soon.

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