1862: John Fite Goodner to Secretary of War

John Fite Goodner

The following letter was written by John Fite Goodner (1822-1870), the son of James G. Goodner (1792-1883) and Margaret Martha Fite (1798-1862) of DeKalb county, Tennessee.

As a field officer in the 7th Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A., this Mexican war veteran attained the ranks of Captain, Co. A, on 20 May 1861; as Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment on 27 May 1861, and on 23 May 1862, he became Colonel and commander of the famed 7th Tennessee Infantry after Robert Hatton was elevated to the rank of Brigadier General. “Ill heath” forced his resignation from the service on 8 April 1863.

John was married to Nancy C. Floyd (1830-1850) but she died in childbirth in December 1850 and he never remarried.


Camp of 7th Regiment Tennessee
General J. J. Archer’s Brigade
December 8, 1862

To the Hon. Secretary of War,

The following named persons are most respectfully suggested to you for promotion on Co. G, 7th Regiment Tennessee Volunteers:

William F. Graves, now 1st Lieutenant in said company to Captain of it instead of Capt. James H. Bond [who] resigned 7th October 1862.

Newbern A. Jennings, now 2nd Lieutenant to 1st [Lieutenant] in place of William F. Graves, promoted.

John C. Ingram, now Junior 2nd Lieutenant, to Senior 2nd Lieutenant in place of Newbern A. Jennings, promoted.

William H. Robbins, now 2nd Sergeant to Junior 2nd Lieutenant in place of John C. Ingram, promoted.

The said William H. Robbins has made a good soldier and was wounded at Seven Pines while gallantly charging the enemy, has recovered from his wounds, and continued in the line of duty, bearing imself like a true soldier and patriot through the recent battles from Cedar Run to Shephardstown.

All of which is most respectfully submitted for your consideration, — Jno. F. Goodner, Col. Commanding 7th Regiment Tennessee

All to take effect 7th October 1862

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