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1865: Sallie Green to George H. Green

This letter was written by Sallie S. Green (1845-1917), the daughter of Bishop William Mercer Green (1798-1887) and Charlotte Isabella Fleming (1810-1860) of Jackson, Hinds county, Mississippi. She would later marry John Mercer Cotten (1842-1915), a veteran of Co. G, 7th Tennessee Infantry and Co. K, 7th Tennessee Cavalry.


Madison Station
January 22d 1865

Dear Brother,

As I have written Lilly two letters, I think it is your turn now. I have been here ever since I left Jackson except last Sunday when I went out to church. I staid all day with Aunt Johnson & promised to go back in two or three days to stay with them, but [illegible] I have not broke them yet. I have got to go to bed today to keep off one. I have not had heard a word from home but hope you are all well. The railroad has been out of order & there has only been two trains to Jackson since I came. Sister Ella is having chills as bad as we were, only hers comes every third day. I am having a very pleasant time but as soon as I pay a short visit to Maggie Britton, I think I shall start home. Tell Lilly [that] Mary Cameron has been to call on me & sends her best love to her. Tell Pa [that] sister Ella says please get her a bolt of unbleached domestic & bring it with him next time he comes & she will pay him immediately. She wants to send the money but the mails are so uncertain she is afraid to trust it. I’m told it could be bought for four dollars a yard but she says she will give five, if the price has raised as it is seven dollars here.

I would write you a longer letter but I can tell you everything so much better when I see you that I will close now with love to all. Your affectionate sister, — Sally