1864: James Ebenezer Cornelius to J. O. Jones

James Ebenezer Cornelius

This letter was written by James Ebenezer Cornelius (1832-1881), a carpenter from Muddy Creek, Butler county, Pennsylvania, who served as the Captain of Co, C, 100th Pennsylvania Infantry (the “Roundheads”) from August 1861 until he was wounded at the Battle of Chantilly on 1 September 1862 and discharged from the regiment on 4 March 1863. He led the regiment in the Battle of 2nd Bull Run. After he was discharged, he was transferred to the 15th Veteran Reserve Corps where he was breveted a Major for his bravery.

Major Cornelius wrote the letter to J. O. Jones, the post master at Terre Haute, Indiana, informing him that the body of Capt. Jeremiah Mewhinney (1825-1864) was sent to Terre Haute under the charge of Capt. Hastings. Capt. Mewhinney was a successful farmer in Vigo county, Indiana, when he volunteered to serve as the Capt. of Co. C (the “Noble Guards”), 31st Indiana Infantry. He died of disease in Chicago on 24 June 1864.


Camp Douglas
Chicago, Illinois
June 29th 1864

J. O. Jones, Esq.
Dear Sir,

Yours of the 27th inst. has just come to hand. Your telegram of the 24th (Friday) never reached me. Your dispatch of Monday morning reached me about 4 o’clock p.m. Monday and I returned an answer with the messenger who brought the dispatch. I sent the body under charge of Capt. Hastings yesterday.

I am sorry that we did not get your first dispatch as it would have prevented so long delay. Yours respectfully, — J. E. Cornelius, Major, 15th Regt. V. R. C.

P. S. Will you please send the enclosed resolutions to Mrs. Mewhinney. The Captain was very highly respected by the officers here. — J. E. Cornelius

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