1861: Andrew Heller Nye to his Brother

I could not find an image of James but here is one of Luther Hart Clapp of Co. C, 37th Virginia Infantry (LOC)

The following letter was written by Andrew Haller Nye (1834-1918) from Monterey, Highland county, Virginia, where he was attending to his older brother, James Alexander Kincannon Nye (1833-1861) of Co. F (“Glade Spring Rifles”) of the 37th Virginia Infantry. They were the sons of John R. Nye (1797-1871) and Sarah McDonald Kincannon (1807-1878) of Washington county, Virginia.

James was married in September 1858 to Ann Eliza Byars. He died of typhoid fever while in the service at Monterey just two days after this letter was written.

Andrew later served in the war himself, enlisting in March 1864 to serve in Levi-Barr’s Light Artillery. He was taken prisoner at Sailor’s Creek and held until 1 July 1865.


Monterey, Highland county, Virginia
September 3rd 1861

Since I wrote last there has been but little change in James but I think maybe he is a little better this evening, though but very little. Some think he looks right smart better. I hope he feels better than he looks. He has taken so much medicine he has no appetite for anything. The doctors have been giving him some powders to sharpen his appetite. He asked Samuel Hutton 1 to let him taste his wine. I gave him two teaspoonfuls of it and he said it tasted good. I am in hopes he will begin to eat a little in a day or two.

Dr. Butler gave him a little roasted apple this morning. I do wish it was so I could get him away from here if it was but a mile or two in the country for there is a continual rattling of wagons here in town, though he don’t appear to mind it much.

P. B. Thurman 2 died night before last [and] was buried today. Dr. Gaines lost another child with dypyheria.

Dr. [Robert E.] Grant’s company (Co. H, 37th Virginia] arrived here today. They will leave for Greenbrier in the morning. Bush looks tolerable well. He drove a wagon from Staunton. Tell P. to keep my ch____ stopped tight and my cases where they will not get wet. I received a letter today from Staunton from men wanting to buy. I must close. No fight yet at Greenbrier.

Give my love to all the family and accept the same yourself. My best respects to the neighbors. Write soon and give me all the news. I haven’t received but one letter yet that Dr. [Christopher C.] Alderson brought me. I would write more but haven’t time. In haste, your brother, — A. H. Nye

1 Samuel John Hutton (b. 1838) enlisted on 25 April 1861 at a 2nd Lieutenant in Co. F, 37th Virginia Infantry. He was from Glade Spring, Washington county, Virginia.

2 17 year-old Powhatan B. Thurman enlisted on 5 May 1861 at Glade Spring, Washington county, Virginia, as a private in Co. F, 37th Virginia Infantry. He died at Monterey, Virginia, on 1 September 1861.

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